All hands weekend weeding… Ugh.. (Quick update)

This weekend we decided to weed the overgrown “dirt” garden. It served us well with cucumbers and tomatoes, even nice okra; however, it’s time to pull up and compost the veggie plants. There has been lots of rain lately, as well as days in the upper 90’s so the weeds kind of took over the garden, time to get it ready for fall planting. Being in coastal North Carolina it never truly gets cold in the winter here, so I probably could get away with more summer veggies, but they are thriving in the hydropoinic system. It’s soooooo hot here today… Ugh, how can I think of fall planting??

I cannot wait until my annual fall trip to the mountains!!! We booked our camp spot at Flintlock campground for October!!! (that’s for a later blog though)…

Back to the weekend weeding though…  Once started everyone pitched in and got dirty, even the girls. They found bugs, grubs, and weeds that they thought were yummy!! We didn’t finish today but got a great start!!  I’ll keep you posted!!!! What should we plant?

image image image image

2 thoughts on “All hands weekend weeding… Ugh.. (Quick update)

  1. Ha love that the chickens were having a good time helping. : p It does seem to hard to think about fall planting just yet… here in Southern California we are dying from heat and I cant imagine how those little seeds with live.
    Anyways I am most excited about watermelon radishes this fall- so thats my suggestion!


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